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As a kid, I was hooked on photography from the moment I stepped into a darkroom in 7th grade. My very first paycheck of $17 was used to buy a little 110 camera (remember those?) and I've been spending my days behind a camera ever since.


I have a teaching degree and after years in the classroom, switched my learning focus to photography. I continue my education now with endless photography classes & courses. I create all of the art and photography for a maritime union, as well as write the obituaries and handle IT as half of the IT Department for that same union. "Well rounded and dedicated to learning new things" would be a pretty accurate description. 

Okay, so here's what I bring to you...


I'll tell your story with a



modern approach.


I know the discomfort of being in front of a camera. It's my goal to take that discomfort away from you while we work together!


I'm all about capturing the true essence of each person, as well as the relationship between family members. I watch for the genuine expression, the laughter, the inquisitiveness as children explore their world, and I quietly capture it. I'll catch the family being silly, interacting, just being family. Those are the moments that you will want to look at for years to come.


A treasure will be created for you ~ a special moment transformed into beautiful artwork for your home. Canvases. Big, beautiful, filling your home. Imagine it.


This is artwork customized to your life, so it should reflect surroundings that are meaningful to you!